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The mission of The Writer Workshop is to provide useful feedback, critique, and educational opportunities to writers of all experience levels and voices in a safe and supportive environment.

The Writer Workshop with Gregory A. Kompes helps writers of all experience levels develop their writing skills through feedback, critique, and education in a supportive and safe environment. The Writer Workshop includes writing workshops, craft workshops, classes, lectures, guest speakers, author events, and more.

All Writers Welcome

It doesn’t matter if you’re just thinking about writing, or beginning to write, or a multi-published author, all writers benefit from workshop-style feedback and furthering their craft education through classes, workshops, informed reading, and writing in a supportive, safe environment.

Building Community

Participating in the workshop, participants learn from feedback and also become invested in the work of others. That investment motivates members to complete projects. Through the feedback and support of fellow writers, we develop friendships and build community.

How The Workshops Work

During each workshop session a selection of writers will read a few pages of their work aloud. Following the reading, workshop attendees will offer their thoughts and feedback on the work. The author can then utilize the feedback to enhance and improve their writing. We’ll also explore and discover voice, style, atmosphere, character development, plot, and so much more.

Why The Workshops Work

When we speak our words aloud, we hear them differently. When we hear the writing of others we become more conscious of our own words. When we offer others suggestions for improvements and enhancements in someone their work, we reinforce our own abilities. When we listen to the feedback of others, both about our writing and the writing of others, we gain knowledge about the writing craft. In addition to the fiction, nonfiction, GLBTQ, and poetry Writer Workshops, The Writer Workshop also offers craft lectures, writing prompt opportunities, guest speakers, book clubs, classes, and more.

The Writer Workshop Founder & Facilitator: Gregory A. Kompes

Gregory A. Kompes (MFA, MS Ed.) has authored 19 books (fiction, poetry, nonfiction), contributed to over a dozen anthologies (including 4 Chicken Soup for the Soul volumes), written hundreds of articles and essays on a wide range of topics, and teaches for Southern New Hampshire University’s MFA program. Gregory holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University, New York, a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning and an MS Ed. from California State University, East Bay, and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University. Additionally, Gregory served as the coordinator for the Las Vegas Writers Conference and spent many years as the president of the Henderson Writer’s Group (the largest critique group in Nevada).