Terms of Service

The Writer Workshop is offered as a service to its members. By utilizing The Writer Workshop website and/or attending The Writer Workshop in person all participants agree to the following:

  1. The Writer Workshop is offered as a service by its facilitator, Gregory A. Kompes;
  2. The goal of The Writer Workshop is to create a safe, supportive environment for all writers to learn about writing and improve their writing through education, feedback, and critique by the facilitator and the workshop members;
  3. No Blood on the Floor Clause: Workshop participants agree to critique participants’ writing (and not the writer) in a kind and supportive way;
  4. While Workshop participants might not always agree, everyone will  agree to remain respectful;
  5. Disruptive participants will be asked to leave at the discretion of the facilitator; and,
  6. Changes and/or additions to these terms may be made at any time necessary by The Writer Workshop facilitator.