The Writer Workshop Philosophy

The act of writing is an exploration. That exploration comes from experience. The experience of writing a lot helps create better writers. The experience of receiving and giving feedback improves most writing. The experience of reading a lot (and across genres) helps writers improve their writing. Living life and having life experiences gives writers the material to explore the human experience and human condition. Finally, learning where and how to sell or place that writing enlarges the conversation even more—for the writer and the consumer of the writing. It’s all interwoven.

Furthermore, diversity in writing is essential. When the voices exploring the human condition are a wide, diverse group–a group that encompasses many genders, ethnicities, and philosophies– everyone benefits more from the experience. The more diverse the voices the more diverse the understanding of all (or at least a lot more) of the human condition.

Through The Writer Workshop, writers have the opportunity to present their writing to other writers, to receive feedback, and thus create opportunities to revise their writing, to enhance their exploration of the world through words, characters, settings, plots, sentence structures, and all manner of literary devices to greater clarify their thoughts and ideas. The workshop process works for all types of writing from flash fiction to book-length manuscripts, from creative nonfiction to fiction to memoir.