Getting Ready for the Webinar

Before you start 1. Devices plugged in and working correctly Make sure your microphone and camera are working Make sure you don’t have any other application running that requires the camera and microphone (i.e. Skype), as this could interfere with ClickMeeting if both are running at the same time. 2. Up-to-date software Use up to date version of chosen browser and Adobe Flash Player 3. Ports Important for companies with restricted environments Make sure that required TCP ports are open: 1935, 80 or 443 All these things can be checked by using ‘Test Your Connection’ feature before you log in. 4. Settings If everything is OK, go to your event room and allow Flash Player to access your device by clicking the Allow button If you do not see or hear anything, go to the Camera and Voice pod and click the Settings icon then Audio/Video settings. Using the drop down list(s), check whether the correct microphone and camera are chosen. If not, choose the correct device(s). 5. Echo Echo is caused when the microphone is forwarding sounds emitted by the speakers. To avoid this problem, we recommend using phone headsets. Additionally, you can go to Audio/Video settings, choose Advanced microphone settings and check the Use echo cancellation box.