“The best improvements to my draft were made following critiques in The Writer Workshop with Gregory A. Kompes. Valuable feedback from participants and instructor helped with writing a better story. Weekly meetings and book-of-the-month discussions kept my focus on writing and learning. Plus the camaraderie of talented writers of all ages and skill-levels created a supportive environment for aspiring authors.” ~Rob Peters, memoirist

“With Gregory’s guidance and insight, my novels have been accepted and published by four different publishers. Thanks, Gregory, couldn’t a done it without you!” ~Darlienbreeze@yahoo.com Author of A Life of Crime

“Gregory Kompes brings a keen eye and years of experience to every project he invests his time in. I am a published author, and I am proud to say this would not have been possible without Mr. Kompes’s guidance and critique.” ~Rick Newberry, Author of The Theory of Insanity