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Imagine it:

  • Your name on the cover of the book you’ve been dreaming of…
  • Signing those books for friends, family, and fans…
  • Embarking on a nationwide book tour…
  • Jimmy Fallon interviewing you on The Tonight Show

How? How Do You Get It Done?

Most new writers believe the short answer: you sit down and write your book, you find an agent, the agent finds a publisher, you make a million dollars…most writers who believe this end up disappointed and worse, they don’t get to share their story with anyone because their book is never published.

The longer answer: Writer’s need help. Sadly, what happens so often is new writers write something and then ask their friends and loved ones, people who care about them, what they think about their writing. Friends and family love us, so they tell us they love what we’ve written. Then, when we try to get that work published we face rejection, but don’t know why. This is why The Writer Workshop in Savannah can help you write your book better than your loved ones who aren’t writers.

There’s a Better Way!

It’s hard to write in a vacuum. Writers need help. Writers need feedback. And, they need that feedback from other writers who are skilled and educated in the field. They need feedback from those who have journeyed to publication and lived to tell the tale.

How Do Writers Help Writers?

Well, unless our family and friends are writers, they simply aren’t the right folks to help us. We need feedback and critique from other writers. We need to talk with those going through the same issues we face. Problems and issues:

  • with the words…
  • with the format…
  • with the characters…
  • with the plots…
  • with the settings…
  • with the scene structure…
  • with the point of view choices
  • with the pacing and tone and voice and theme and symbolism….

And, we haven’t even started to talk about publication. That road includes pitches and queries and synopsis and conferences and agents and traditional publishers. Or, you might want to learn about how to self publish your own work.

The Writer Workshop of Savannah Can Help!

That’s what The Writer Workshop is all about. Helping you write a better book and learn about the writing and publishing industry in a constructive and safe atmosphere.

At the core of The Writer Workshop is the traditional, writer workshop concept and philosophy: you share your work with other writers and they offer feedback and critique of your work. And, you offer feedback and critique of the others who share their work during that workshop, too. Don’t feel qualified to critique the work of others? You’ll learn how at The Writer Workshop. (Click here to read more about the workshop concept here.)

Hosted by Gregory A. Kompes (MFA, MS Ed.), The Writer Workshop offers hours and hours of workshop sessions each month. The Writer Workshop also offers classes on writing, prompt writing sessions, a Book of the Month Book Club, and an Author’s Round Table Mastermind session each month to round out your education and opportunities to learn and grow as a writer.

Who is Gregory A. Kompes?

Gregory A. Kompes is a multi-published, bestselling, award winning author who’s been helping writers become better at their craft for 15 years who has recently moved to Savannah, Georgia. Gregory holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (National University), a Master of Science in Education (California State University, East Bay), and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (Columbia University, NYC). He was a Subject Matter Expert for several of Southern New Hampshire University’s MFA courses for writers–where he currently teaches in their MFA program. Gregory has also participated in and lead writer workshop groups, both private and public for 15 years. Gregory has also done some amazing things for writers including serving as:

  • President of the Henderson Writer’s Group (the largest critique group for writers in Nevada) for four years…
  • Conference Coordinator for the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference…
  • Adjunct English Composition Professor for three years at Nevada State College…
  • Artist in Residence at the James Gibson Public Library, teaching writing classes for many years under a Nevada Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts grants.

Through his many years of writing, teaching, and leading workshops Gregory has learned how to help writers. And, he loves doing helping writers become better at their craft and succeed on their journey to publication. Isn’t it time you make use of his talents, experience, and expertise to further your own writing career?

Here are Some Words from Past Students and Clients:

“I was already well-published when I first met Gregory. I thought I knew it all. Over the years, he has become my go-to guru for marketing, social media, finding our readers, and taking the chances necessary to take things to the next level. You rock! I love the bold steps you take!”

~Randall Platt, author of Professor Renoir’s Collection of Oddities, Curiosities, and Delights

To say I was a tenderfoot when I first met Gregory is like saying Mt. Everest is tall. In the years under his caring tutelage my writing improved to the point of gaining a publisher for three novels and numerous short stories. His teaching style is kind, his knowledge vast, and his critique invaluable.”

~Paul Atriedes, author of The Dead Head series

“I’ve never met a more intuitive writing coach than Gregory Kompes. With his unique gifts, he spots opportunities to boost stories to the next level and beyond. You will find no better guide for your journey.”

~ Tonya Todd, author of London Calling

“The best improvements to my draft were made following critiques in The Writer Workshop with Gregory A. Kompes. Valuable feedback from participants and instructor helped with writing a better story. Weekly meetings and book-of-the-month discussions kept my focus on writing and learning. Plus the camaraderie of talented writers of all ages and skill-levels created a supportive environment for aspiring authors.”

~Rob Peters, memoirist

“With Gregory’s guidance and insight, my novels have been accepted and published by four different publishers. Thanks, Gregory, couldn’t a done it without you!”

~Darlien Breeze, author of A Life of Crime

“Gregory Kompes brings a keen eye and years of experience to every project he invests his time in. I am a published author, and I am proud to say this would not have been possible without Mr. Kompes’s guidance and critique.”

~Rick Newberry, author of The Theory of Insanity

“When I asked Gregory to read my first novel, I just knew he’d provide the feedback I needed to improve it. One suggestion he had was to change the ending. I was reluctant at first, but I came up with a new ending that I felt worked for me and I’m much happier with it. Gregory recognizes that you’re the creator of your work, and offers constructive criticism for you to process and implement in your own way. I am extremely grateful for the intelligent feedback I received and would use him again without hesitation.”

~Cindi R. Maciolek, author of Destiny Drop – The Diana Diaries Series

“Gregory’s in-put and excellent critiques made the completion and publication of my first book possible.  His valuable advice and suggestions prompted me to begin my second book which is in progress.  As a teacher of writing and a master in the critique process he is, quite simply, the BEST.”

~Bonnie Apple, author of The Karisma Tales

“I had attended Gregory’s Creative Writing at the Henderson Library for two years –  faithfully, I might add, having only missed one session during that entire time for a family issue.  It was the best writing class I have ever had, focusing on both growing my literary tools knowledge as well as in-the-moment writing and reciting on prompts. His constructive critiques provided me feedback to improve my creative writing skills. Two of the stories started in this class, and critiqued by Gregory, were submitted and accepted for publication in Henderson’s anthologies. I am working on my first novels and Gregory will be on my acknowledgements page as an early inspiration that got me started as a writer.”

~Janet Kurihara, new writer

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey Toward Becoming a Better Writer? Your Journey Toward Publication?

If your answer is yes…Great! The Writer Workshop is here to help you.

The Writer Workshop offers several weekly writer workshops, plus events and classes to help you to become a better writer, and to write your book and begin the journey toward publication. Are you ready? Here are some ways to get started:

  • Begin attending one of the four weekly writing workshops on Monday Night, Wednesday Afternoon and Evening, and/or Saturday Afternoon to start receiving feedback and becoming a better writer…
  • Come write with us during a Fiction Through Prompt class on Tuesday or Sunday to hone your writing skills…
  • Learn how to build or improve your Author Platform (Monthly Event: See the Monthly Calendar)…
  • Join us for the Author Round Table Mastermind group to get your current questions answered ( Monthly Event: See the Monthly Calendar)…
  • Read the Book of the Month and join in on the conversation ( Monthly Event: See the Monthly Calendar)…
  • Join the Mailing List and receive The Writer Workshop Weekly News with information for writers and updates about workshops and classes.
  • Join us on Meetup and RSVP for upcoming workshops, classes, and events.

But it’s Expensive, Right?

Nope. Workshops are only $5. Writing classes and most other monthly meetings are only $10. See the Calendar for upcoming events and the fee schedule.

Do You Have More Questions?

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Still Not ready?

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